How to Start a Successful Service Business

Many people are now interested in opening a service business. This happens because the service business does not require a lot of capital. Capital expenditures for service businesses are relatively less than for commodity businesses.

Service business with the expertise you have. So what is your ability can be a business opportunity for yourself. You can offer services with the skills you have. Of course this will give you an advantage.

Building a Service Business

In building a service business, you need to pay attention to many things. In addition to the skills you have, you also have to make customers feel satisfied and will use your services again. The key to the success of a service business is customer satisfaction.

This key will build your business to be even bigger. Because the services you offer are not tangible objects, customers must look for you to use the skills you have.

The following are tips for starting a service business that you can do as early as possible:

  1. Determine the Business You Want to do

Before you open a service business, determine what your business is like and what services you sell. Pay attention to your abilities, whether there is a suitable service business. The most important thing you have to remember that opening a service business is not to disappoint customers.

  1. Determine the Price

You need to determine the price for the service business you have. Adjust it with the skills you have so that customers are satisfied with your services.

  1. Use Social Media as a Promotion Place

Now promotions do not have to use pamphlets, but can use social media. You can promote your service business through social media. Give an attractive promo if you are just starting to open a business.

Don’t forget to insert testimonial posts from customers so you can increase trust from others. make interesting social media posts so that people are interested in seeing your business.

  1. Provide Best Service

The key to the success of a service business is customer satisfaction. If customers are satisfied with the service you provide, they will repeat orders. This will have an impact on your business starting to grow rapidly.

Provide the best quality service to any customer regardless of who your customer is. If you can provide the best service and they are satisfied with what you provide, then this can be one of the keys to a successful business.

  1. Respond to Customer Complaints

Service businesses are vulnerable to customer complaints. Surely there are customers who are not satisfied with the services you provide. If a customer is dissatisfied and complains, you need to respond to the complaint.

Don’t let them write negative reviews on social media or on your business promotion platform. Because if they write negative reviews then your business can be destroyed.

You can give a guarantee or apologize for the mistakes you made. And you also need to replace what is causing the customer to be dissatisfied.

Reason Why Online Shopping so Popular During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased people’s purchasing power, especially in online shopping. even some studies show an increase in people’s purchasing power which has gone up drastically. Even online stores can reap profits that are many times over.

During the pandemic, residents are prohibited from leaving their homes except for shopping for household needs. Shopping centers are also short of stock because the company’s production declines. Farmers also began to experience losses because vegetables and fruit turned rotten because they were not sold.

This is why many online shopping platforms have made this an opportunity to help merchants who are feeling the impact of the pandemic.

Online Shopping Easy and Fast Solution

Online shopping is certainly a quick and easy solution for anyone. Moreover, living in a city and the spread of covid is very high. So online shopping is a necessity.

Not only shopping for supplies and necessities, you can also buy various groceries through online shopping sites. not infrequently farmers began to get hope to sell and profit from their land.

Shopping online is the right thing to do during a pandemic because we don’t need to leave the house and reduce physical contact with other people. then what causes people’s purchasing power in online shopping to increase drastically? Here are the reasons why online shopping is so popular:

  1. Easy and Fast

Online shopping is very easy and fast. All you need is a smartphone and the internet; you can search for any items you need. Even from items that used to only be found in supermarkets, now you can look for them in online stores.

For sellers, online stores are the solution to the current pandemic problem. because they don’t have to leave the house to work. Moreover, there is a regional lock down prohibition that causes them to be unable to work.

This is what makes traders switch to using online stores to sell their wares. This also gives them many advantages. Of course there is a difference when they trade in the market and sell online.

These traders have to adapt, starting from adjusting stock, packaging to finding the best shipping service so that the goods purchased by consumers can arrive quickly. Therefore, many traders are now starting to promote through social media and develop their online store business.

  1. Easy Payment System

Shopping online of course also requires a payment system. If you shop directly, we need to have cash to pay. But with online shopping we can pay with digital money or mobile banking.

This transaction is very easy and fast, especially if you have a credit card that can be used anytime and anywhere. You also don’t need to go to an ATM to pay for transactions. You can top up your digital wallet balance to make transactions.

This payment system is expected to happen in the future, so that we no longer need to hold money in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

  1. Discounts and Promotions

Promo is the most profitable trick for sellers and buyers. When sellers issue large discount promotions, customers are also interested in buying their products.

Likewise with buyers, when there is a discount promo, they will immediately buy the product being sold. This is certainly a reciprocal for the seller and the buyer. In addition, the number of online shopping promos causes many people to prefer online shopping rather than shopping at supermarkets.

The promos you get also don’t need a big effort. In contrast to promos at malls, where consumers have to come directly to the mall and look for the desired item. It takes effort and energy to get the promo.

With online shopping promos, we don’t need to be tired to get it. Just sit back and shop online.

  1. Avoiding Fake Online Shops

Online shopping also has risks, namely fake online shops. By shopping at the marketplace, we don’t have to worry about fake online shops. Because all of our transactions are still under company supervision.

Likewise, fake traders, they cannot get money if the transaction with the buyer has not been completed. Of course, this makes it easier for consumers to find out which is the best and most trusted online store.

5 Important Family Business Management

Managing a business is not easy, especially in a family business. Some families have businesses that must be managed together. However, this family business sometimes does not run according to business management.

This is because of the family relationship. Unlike the corporate business, which does not have a family element in it. So that all regulations are obeyed by employees.

In the family business there are often problems, especially problems between families. This can cause the business to not run smoothly. many people who want to interfere in the affairs of the family business. Therefore, consider the following for better family business management.

Family Business Management

Business management is the key to the development of a family business. Because the family business will be inherited from generation to generation. Business management also avoids the business being stopped due to internal problems in the family.

Here are things to consider in family business management:

  1. Make Clear Rules

The advantage of a family business is the closeness between the owners. But this can cause envy by other family members.

So it is necessary to make clear rules to divide the roles and responsibilities of each family involved in this business. Keep in mind that not all family members in the business can be leaders.

The leader in the family business is a person who can be trusted and fair and has a vision and mission to develop the company.

  1. Distinguishing Personal and Business Interests

The main problem in a family business is when family members cannot distinguish between personal and business matters. This will affect a business that does not thrive because it involves feelings.

It’s better if there is a personal problem, solve it and don’t take it into business because the consequences can be fatal.

  1. Financial Transparency

Even though this is a family business, it is very important to have financial transparency. The goal is that we can see how the income and expenses of the business. Family businesses also need to make a good financial system.

Even though it is managed with the family, there will still be suspicion if there is no financial transparency.

  1. Prepare the Next Generation

Not all who run a business are parents, but there needs to be a next generation. The nature of the family business is to pass the business on to the next generation. If not prepared early, the family business can collapse.

There have been many cases where the family business finally collapsed because there was no generation to continue it.

  1. Keep Communication

Although this is a family business, it includes business management where there is a division of roles and responsibilities. Each member who has a certain role must establish good communication between families.

The goal is to avoid miss-communication which will cause problems in the family business. Therefore, it is very important to apply business management even in a family business. The better the management, the more the family business will grow.

The Deeper Insight Benefit of Online Shopping

Online shopping is a convenience nowadays. In fact, not only for household needs, but now we can shop for vegetables and fruit online. The benefits of online shopping have certainly been felt by the community.

Not only felt by consumers, the benefits of online shopping are also felt by sellers. Compared to sellers who have to spend stock in a day, with online shopping not all sellers have to spend stock.

For example, a vegetable seller, if he sells in a stall, he inevitably has to spend his wares in a day. Unlike being sold online, it doesn’t need a lot of vegetable stock. He can store vegetables as needed

Online Shopping Benefits

For consumers, of course, online shopping provides very many advantages. Especially during a pandemic like this, it feels like everything you need can be bought online. Since the pandemic, the level of online sales has skyrocketed.

Consumer needs are also increasing so that many online sellers are using it as an income. Of course this has a good impact on the economic system because people’s purchasing power increases.

The advantages of online shopping are also felt by sellers. They don’t need to be tired of traveling around to sell their products. They can sit at home and promote their products through social media and marketplaces.

Sellers can pay for advertising so that the products they sell can be reached by many people. Of course the cost of this ad will be worth what you get. The following are the advantages of online shopping that we have experienced without realizing it.

  1. Practical Shopping Anywhere and Anytime

Online shopping can be done anywhere and anytime. As long as you have a cellphone and internet connection. You can buy whatever items you need. The online shopping payment system is also very easy.

You can use digital money or make transactions via mobile banking. You no longer need to prepare cash to pay for groceries. You just need to wait at home until the item you buy arrives.

  1. Avoid Fraud Accounts and Fake Online Stores

Online shopping is indeed vulnerable to fraud. Therefore, it is highly recommended to shop online in the marketplace. Because if you shop online at the marketplace, the money you pay is still being held by the company and will be given to the seller if you have received the item you bought.

This is certainly an advantage because by shopping in the marketplace, we can avoid fake online stores and fake accounts.

  1. Promos and Discounts

Of course, online shopping has many very interesting promos. You can get free shipping promos up to big discounts. Almost every marketplace has very lucrative promos.

When there is a promo, it is not only consumers who are aggressively pursuing it. But the sellers also benefit because their products are selling well in the market. Moreover, massive discounts that can provide benefits for both parties.

This attractive promo is an advantage that you will only get when shopping online and you don’t have to run around chasing discounts.

5 Reasons Why Online Shopping Is the Best

The shopping style of people in the world is now starting to change to online shopping. Even during the pandemic, the world’s online shopping rate has increased dramatically. This is because online shopping is very easy and fast. Everyone around the world can do it.

One of the factors that causes the level of people’s online shopping to increase is the changes and developments in e-commerce. This is the solution for the urban community, namely by shopping at e-commerce.

The rapid growth of e-commerce makes people turn to online shopping because the process is easy and fast. We don’t even need to leave the house to shop, everything can be done at home while doing other activities.

The Right Reason for Online Shopping

The growth of e-commerce is entering a new phase. Where there are various types of large e-commerce that can help meet the needs of the community. Online shopping is no longer a lifestyle but a necessity..

Advances in technology have caused many people to turn to selling online. no wonder traders in the market who initially had a small profit, became a big profit after selling online. This is what makes online shopping a necessity right now.

So what causes many people to switch to online shopping? here’s the reason:

  1. Save Your Time

Online shopping does not take much time. You can do it anywhere and anytime, even in the middle of the night you can shop online. especially for city residents who are hit by traffic jams every day.

Online shopping certainly saves time because you don’t have to leave the house and get stuck in traffic jams. You only need internet access on your smartphone to shop online. No need to go out of your way, you can wait for the items you ordered to arrive at the front of the house.

You can browse the items you like and make transactions quickly. So it saves time and energy.

  1. Available Many Discounts

Discount promos in e-commerce are certainly the most awaited thing by everyone. If all this time we shop at the mall, the promos we get are only at certain moments. Unlike in e-commerce.

We can get promos almost every day. Starting from free shipping promos to discount promos. Anyone will definitely be more interested in shopping in e-commerce.

In addition, many promos are also beneficial for sellers, because they can continue to update their production stock. So the company can run smoothly because the demand for production increases.

  1. Many Payment Types

If we go to the supermarket, we are only given the choice of paying cash or using a debit card. If you shop at e-commerce, there are many choices of payment transactions. You can use credit, debit cards and digital wallets.

Many e-commerce companies cooperate with banks to provide virtual payment services. This certainly makes it easier for consumers to shop. You are also given the option to pay by credit card.

You can also pay for some products in installments without a credit card. This style of transaction is what causes online shopping to start growing rapidly. Especially for consumers because it is very time-saving and the process is fast.

  1. Many Variants

Shopping on e-commerce certainly has many choices because there are many types that we can choose from. The difference with shopping at the supermarket, we can compare products from various stores in e-commerce.

Even items that we don’t find in supermarkets, we can find easily in e-commerce. Of course, online shopping will make it easier to find the items we are looking for without having to waste energy.

Many variants of this item is what causes many people prefer to shop online. because we can see various brands of products that we are looking for.

  1. You can Compare Prices

Another advantage of online shopping is that we can compare prices. There are online shops that sell goods at low prices but the products are not original. There are also online shops that sell their products at high prices but original goods.

We can compare prices from each store and buy the cheapest but from a trusted store. It’s really easy and practical for online shopping.

Developing a Business with Business Partners Tips

In building a business, we certainly want to expand the network so that the business can grow even bigger. One way is to establish business partners. Business partners are business cooperation with other parties that are mutually beneficial.

In establishing business partners, of course, there are several things that must be considered so that the business can develop according to plans and expectations. Commitment in establishing business partners must be carried out by both parties.

If there is no commitment and responsibility then business partners can end badly and our business will be destroyed.

Looking for Business Partner

To find a business partner that matches what we are looking for, you need to select some information. Look for people you can trust to work together to build and grow your business.

With a business partner, the company will have a clearer direction and purpose. Moreover, you can get advice and input from your business partners.

The following are important things to consider in establishing business partners:

  1. Create a shared vision and mission

When you decide to look for a business partner, try to create a vision and mission. This is the main step to grow the business. If all thoughts don’t go in the same direction and in the same way, then problems will arise.

You and your business partner must unify your thoughts and methods. Take time to discuss the vision and mission of the business that you can build together.

  1. Financial Transparency and Sharing Profit

In establishing business partners, of course there will be profit sharing. This has been an agreement since the beginning of forming a partnership. Of course, profit sharing aims to both develop the business and achieve goals.

Financial transparency is also very important to do. Do not let your business partners suspect you because they are not transparent in financial matters.

Financial transparency also serves as an evaluation material, whether this business is running smoothly or not. Business partners can also see how the company’s operational funds are used.

  1. Determine Needs and Expectations

Having a business partner, of course, has a purpose. For those of you may want to expand your business network. but for business partners the goal may be to develop their business. Therefore, before establishing a business partner, you should both express your wishes and hopes.

The goal is that when we work together, we can both provide benefits for each other or a symbiotic mutualism. With this, the partnership that you live in will last a long time and your business partners will also be satisfied with your performance.

Every change that occurs in the business must be discussed together in order to make a better future plan.

  1. Take advantage of Business Partner Relations

Establishing business partners of course want to expand the network. If you get a business partner who has a wide network, you can ask him to promote your business.

Show and leverage the strengths of your business partners to grow the company. In addition, the business relationships that your partners have, can help you make the company more famous.

  1. Completing Partner Weaknesses

Business partners can also have drawbacks. The longer you will know what are the weaknesses of your business partners. for example lack of strategy, lack of marketing and management.

You can help your business partners to fix the shortcomings that exist in their company. Even though you can’t change it, you can give input and try to make up for what it lacks.

In this way, business cooperation can last a long time and the business will grow rapidly. Business partners and you can both get a balanced profit.