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There are those who say Vitamin C serum in its purest shape is the best. Ingredient lists display this form of unstabilized Vitamin C as “ascorbic acid” or “l-ascorbic acid.” However, that’s no longer necessarily the case as it has this kind of short shelf life.

Pure Vitamin C is effortlessly destabilized by means of light and oxygen. You can take precautions to save you that from happening, inclusive of keeping it in a dark bottle and maintaining it sealed tight in a cool area far from mild, however irrespective of how well you save pure Vitamin C, its effectiveness simply evidently drops after about a month. You’ll understand whilst it’s far not effective when your method turns an ugly brown shade.

On the flip side, Vitamin C that has been stabilized ( i.E. “Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate” or “Ascorbyl Palmitate” on the substances list) has an extended shelf life of about years, and it doesn’t ought to be saved in a darkish bottle.

Some say that stabilized Vitamin C isn’t always as powerful, however for my part, stabilized Vitamin C is just as effective as the pure form definitely due to advances in pores and skin care technology and R&D.

I’ve spoken with research and improvement pores and skin care professionals in Korea, and they echo my sentiments. There are also lots of studies that show Vitamin C in a stabilized form is simply as useful.

And call me old school, however I like it while my products closing longer than a month. That’s a number of extreme wastage if you have to shop for yourself a new bottle of serum every month whilst you’re now not even halfway done with it.

What attention of Vitamin C is the simplest?

A lot of pores and skin care merchandise now include Vitamin C. Studies display anything from 1% to twenty% is powerful, so don’t suppose that most effective concentrations in the double digits are effective! A general rule of thumb: The higher the attention, the much more likely it will motive sensitivity. Vitamin C at 20% has prompted my usually non-sensitive pores and skin to react with a stinging sensation and inflammation. I’m a corporation believer that if your pores and skin is indignant or crimson, your skin is making an attempt to inform you that it doesn’t like. Beating your skin into submission is a chunk counterintuitive, don’t you watched?

Now a bit bit extra about Vitamin C, permit me introduce you to my Vitamin C choose and why it’s in my contemporary skin care ordinary: Klairs Freshly Juiced Drop Vitamin C Serum.

It’s 2nd factor is ascorbic acid, aka natural Vitamin C, but way to the present day Korean pores and skin care era, the formula is greater solid and has a longer shelf existence. That’s why it’s kept in this pretty clean bottle…

The concentration of Vitamin C is at 5%, which is gentle sufficient for touchy pores and skin. If you’re new to Vitamin C serums, this one is a excellent one to begin with.

When I use it, I can experience my pores and skin feel a little bit of the warmth of the Vitamin C serum soaking into my skin. It reasons no irritation, which is excellent due to the fact if my pores and skin is glad, I’m happy.

The consequences I’ve visible are something to brag about. I’ve constantly targeted on the pigmentation around my cheekbones and chin. It has truly completed a tremendous job fading the acne discolorations round my chin and brightening the brown spots each week I test in.

And due to the fact I’m all about getting to the root of my pores and skin troubles, I love understanding that I’m stopping pigmentation from the get-cross.

How I use the Klairs Freshly Juiced Drop Vitamin C Serum

At night, I use it after cleansing, firming, and essence. I follow it without delay onto my skin, then end off my recurring with my eye cream and moisturizer. The texture is barely oily or even feels like a chunk heat because it absorbs quick and completed off matte on my skin.

In the mornings I add approximately 1-2 drops into my moisturizer. It sincerely depends on my temper and what my pores and skin is as much as that day.

And due to the fact fee undoubtedly topics, I end off this review through raving about the price. I sincerely can’t consider it’s best $23 for this wonderful serum. This is Korean low-priced pores and skin care at its first-class and I can’t wait a good way to include it to your regime!

Your reviews

“I was on the fence about incorporating a diet C serum into my regimen due to the fact I actually have CRAZY sensitive pores and skin. But I’ve been steadily growing and tweaking my K-beauty recurring during the last 5-6 months and determined to offer this a attempt. My skin has reacted very well to it to this point. I have noticed a subtle brightening in my pores and skin and feature experienced 0 inflammation or breakouts. I had been mixing 2-three drops in my moisturizer twice daily, which I think facilitates in addition reduce the capacity for inflammation. On the whole, great product!” – Lashlee D.

“I sold this because I study so many reviews saying that it has really helped with zits scars. Not simplest are my scars getting lighter, it helped with my “irritated” pimples. After 3 days of use (as soon as within the morning and once at night time), my “indignant” acne calmed down and went away. My makeup goes on lots smoother and looks way better. I clearly love how gentle and cool my pores and skin feels when I observe this serum. It’s additionally a truely quality charge that suits into my price range!” – Precious L.

“This has grow to be a staple in my routine. I’ve been burned (literally) earlier than by using other vitamin c products, however this has in no way given me troubles and does a certainly properly task at brightening and fading dark spots.” – Gabrielle F.

I wish you loved my 2-element series on Vitamin C! Let me recognize if you have any questions about it or your mind on Vitamin C below.

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