How To Combine Vitamin C Serum With Retinol Together

I often get asked the question of how can i combine vitamin a or retinol and vitamin c together. So we’re going to answer that question now undoubtedly vitamin c and vitamin a derivatives or retinol. Retinoids are the most powerful potent well-studied effective and efficient ingredients. So you should be using both of them in your skincare routine but using them together can be extremely tricky. You often wonder can you actually put them on at the same time, if so which one goes first can you mix them. Do you need to wait in between the two it gets really confusing and i will be honest the answer is not straight forward. You can’t just layer one on top of the other because of skin sensitivity.  So i’m going to give you five tips on how to use vitamin a or retinoids and vitamin c together.  Now both vitamin a and vitamin c help to build collagen help to fight wrinkles help to fade dark marks and help fight hyperpigmentation, but vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant.  An antioxidant is a compound that can either receive or donate electron to a free radical. Now this is important because free radicals when they go unchecked can actually bump into the cells causing dna and cellular damage. Best case they cause aging worst case you can get things like skin cancer so we need antioxidants.

In fact our body already has a lot of antioxidants but vitamin c is a potent one that the great majority of people cannot make. We don’t have the enzyme and we need to obtain vitamin c from our food sources like citrus fruit. So instead of letting that free radical go unchecked and cause dna and protein damage vitamin c can actually neutralize The reactive oxygen species before it ever gets into the cells and has an ability to cause dna and protein damage. So vitamin c for sure is something that I highly recommend and using along side your sunscreen in the morning is going to be really important. Because you see the benefit that it has on neutralizing reactive oxygen species which are notorious from uv ray damage. So using it in the morning along side your sunscreen is just an added boost now. While vitamin c does provide some form of photo protection it does not take the place of your sunscreen. I want you to think of it as a way to actually regenerate the benefits of your sunscreen, because of its antioxidant properties vitamin c is vital to collagen production. But it also is important in inhibiting collagen from being broken down collagen is what’s keeping us looking youthful helpful and radiant.

So i don’t know about you but if there’s something that i can use that’s going to give me more collagen and prevent the collagen that i have from being broken down. I’m going to use it and if that’s not enough vitamin c also is really important in anti-pigmentation. Vitamin c is a tyrosinase inhibitor you know that really important enzyme that causes more production of melanin to be made or pigment to be made. Vitamin c can go in there and inhibit that production that can happen with tyrosinase. Now vitamin a derivatives are amazing for anti-aging and acne as well because they also help to increase collagen production. They’re also really good at decreasing pigmentation by helping with that cell turn over, so normally the cells take  about 28 days to a month to turn over with the constant and consistent. Use of retin-a that can be actually shortened down to two weeks so really  important for getting your cells to turn over a little bit faster which is going to be monumental. When you have acne because you want to make sure  you’re using something that can really unclog the pores and prevent the dead skin cells from really building up in there.

All right let’s get some  very basic and boring definitions out of the way retinoids is just a general term used for the vitamin a derivatives and the active form of a retinoid is retinoic acid. There are multiple different derivatives of strengths and forms now l-ascorbic acid is actually the active form of vitamin c and these active forms are what do all of the biological work. So all of this good stuff that we just talked about it has to be in its  active form to actually get those things to work. Now the active forms of vitamin a so retinoic acid and vitamin c and ascorbic acid are notoriously unstable. They will oxidize in the presence of air light heat ph change or other ingredients. That they don’t play well with they also are really  quite irritating to the skin. Sso that’s why all of these derivatives were formed with the intention of increasing stability while keeping the efficacy.  The problem is that there’s not a lot of evidence behind these derivative ingredients, however there is some solid evidence supporting some of them and the stability is really important. Tthe absorption is really important and the efficacy is of utmost importance. So i’m going to recommend only the  ones to you that I think are worth your coins because as of right now.  There’s not a lot of evidence supporting some of them and my friends if it can’t get into your skin what is the point since the derivatives actually need conversion to the active form to be effective. They are going to be less irritating but they’re also going to take longer for you to visually see the results. So i think that’s important to know don’t use any of these  derivatives thinking that you’re going to see results  overnight. But you’re at a much less risk of developing irritation so now we understand why  these two ingredients cannot just be used back to back without any thought to. How we actually use them or you’re at an increased risk of extreme  skin irritation but the good news is that i have five techniques for you to use both vitamin a and vitamin c together in a skincare routine without losing the benefits of either one. But without risking your skin to irritation so option number one is definitely the easiest it’s to find a product  that already has vitamin a and vitamin c combine together for you.

There’s no gas work there’s no trying to figure out how to layer things you would  just use the product research has actually shown that when formulated together vitamin c is stabilizing vitamin a and making it more effective so  there are some products that i really love that have the ingredients already stabilized and formulated together for you i have to admit this is my  favorite I use this one but it’s pricey alpha red overnight cream by skin better so a less expensive alternative would be the vitamin c super serum  by natorium i will make sure to link these products as well as some other options down below all right option number two is going to be going with  a vitamin c in the morning and a vitamin a in the night time now when you do this you have much less risk of irritation because you’re separating the  ingredients my recommendation for you no matter who you are is to start low and go slow if you are new to retinol don’t use it at the same time  that you’re using a vitamin c give yourself a whole month so 28 days where that retinization or that process of the skin flaking can happen with  just the retinol after the month slowly introduce the vitamin c in the mornings and still start low and go slow so retinol every third day maybe  that’s good every other day still no problem then every night and then bring in your vitamin c

so option number two is vitamin c in the morning and  retin-a at nighttime but if you’re new to retin-a don’t try using both of these at the same time in the beginning work your way up to that now if  you’re going to separate them this gives you a lot more leeway to use the actual active forms so the retinoic acid or the alisorbic acid because  remember you’re separating them so you’re much less likely to have irritation this way and just a little tip if you are new to using retinol make  sure that you put some type of protective barrier in the corner of your eyes the corner of your nose and the corner of your mouth and only use a  pea-sized amount now my friends if you are indeed fighting active acne my advice would be to go with an over-the-counter adaptoline whether that’s  this one here by larache posse or the one by different because these are prescription strength retinoids that are actually available over the counter if this is still not doing it for you would recommend to see a dermatologist for a prescription like tesoritine or retinoic acid the more active form of the vitamin a derivatives now option number three would be to use your retin-a and your vitamin c on alternate night i know that  some people don’t want to use any actives in the morning vitamin c has been proven to be helpful at night time as well because the dna damage that  happens from uv exposure has been shown to still be within the skin for many hours so using an antioxidant at nighttime can certainly be helpful now if you’re using your vitamin c and your retinoids on alternate night you’re preventing the interactions and the irritation that can occur option number four is for my  friends out there that are like i’m going to use vitamin c and retinol on the same night because my skin is resistant this is going to be the case for someone who doesn’t  react to anything can put anything on their skin and never have any irritation or problems i would still warrant that you use these products at least 30 minutes apart you  would start with your vitamin c

Because of the lower ph give yourself 30 minutes and then use your retinol and if you’re going to choose to use any type of retinoid in the  same night of vitamin c i would highly suggest that you use it in a creamy base so this one is really great option this is the olay max 24 and it is a nice thick creamy moisturizer but a very good technology of this retinol in this base so if you insist fine use your vitamin c wait 30 minutes and then use a more moisturizing type of  retinol see this one is very rich and creamy and moisturizing so at least you’ll be decreasing the risk of irritancy by using a more moisturizing type of base of retinol this  is actually the one that i use on my hands every night because yes your hands aged too my friends and i don’t want old looking hands now option number five is one of my favorites when you kind of want to dip your toe into using both ingredients but you’re not quite sure you can actually just use a mask so you can either use a retin-a or retin-aldehyde mask this is one of my favorites this is by allies of skin this is a retin-aldehyde mask they call it an overnight sleeping mask but I leave it on for 15  minutes and wash it off and i would recommend you do the same if you have really sensitive skin one of the ways that i actually like to introduce my patients with very sensitive skin who really are interested in using some type o vitamin a derivative whether that be retinoic acids retinol retinaldehyde is to have them use a mask now you  can do this with prescription strength medication where you just put it on for a couple of minutes and then wash it off or you can actually get a product that is indeed a  retinoid mask or you can even use a vitamin c mass this one is by psa and this is actually the sister company to allies of skin so what you would do is you would put on  let’s say this vitamin c mask leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off you guys know the beauty of vitamin c once it’s in the cell it’s in the cell so once you  wash your face it’s not like you’re washing off the benefits of the vitamin c you could then finish that off with a really rich and creamy retinol

If you chose to do  vitamin c or a nice oil-based vitamin c oil if you chose to do the retinol mask so both of them can be combined in mass forms my go-to mask that i use all the time is this one here by avin this is their a oxidative line and this combines vitamin a and vitamin c together already in a mask so i’m all about ease and convenience and decreasing  the risk of irritancy and this one does not irritate me at all but gives me the benefits of both vitamin a and vitamin c in a mask highly recommend this one so i know that  we mentioned some of the products throughout the video but i’m just gonna kind of recap with a few of the products that i really like that i haven’t quite mentioned to you yet if you’re concerned about stability a great option is going with these little pre-capsulated type of items vitamin c and vitamin a can be found in this this one is the  retinol correction serum by a rock and what you do is you just pop one of these open and then you don’t have to worry about the oxidation that happens with the air the  temperature changes now this next product i’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about it’s the one that i use all the time this is my ride or die retin-a this is  retinaldehyde by event it does not irritate my skin and it’s the one that i can truly use without any problems and i do see a lot of benefit when i use this one now if  you’ve got resistant skin you’re looking to step it up a notch you’ve been using vitamin c for a while allies of skin does have a 20 vitamin c

brightening firm serum this  brings up a good point guys 20 is pretty much the max that your skin can handle of a vitamin c so you don’t necessarily need to use an ingredient that has more than 20 of  vitamin c now a lot of time in the comment sections you guys say I recommend products that are too expensive and it is not on purpose guys i just try to follow the research this one by inky list is very affordable and it is another vitamin c choice especially if you have sensitive skin i think that you would really like this one another really  great option for a combined product is this radiance restore oil by urban skin rx it’s got vitamin a vitamin c vitamin e and rosehip oil so if you’re someone who loves an oil this is a perfect one and then my favorite form of vitamin c you guys have already heard me talk about 100 million times so i’m sorry if i’m repetitive but it is the ulta  defense bright skin better it has the texas hexadecal a sorbet inthere it does not irritate my skin and it makes me feel so protected because it has 18 other antioxidants  coupled along with the thd

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