How to Applying Vitamin C Serum on Face

Today’s  you will learn how to use your vitamin c serum on face and apply it to your face, now i have three examples right here to also show you that the brand of your vitamins cesium. Does not matter and when it comes to the application itself and this is also what i’m going to show you step by step. Now you can use your vitamin season once or twice per day which is personal preference can be used morning and evening but one step that also won’t change before applying your serum is also your first step which is also washing your face.

With a suitable cleanser for your skin type as well as for your skin and needs a cleanser can help you to remove any excess oil dirt makeup leftovers of your sunscreen. So that you also have a freshly washed and clean face when also moving on to the next step now.When it comes to the cleanser i recommend also reading on the back of the packaging on how you can use it because this can change as well use a small amount of your cleanser massage it also onto your face and neck. Then also gently rinse it off with water and then go ahead and take a fresh tone and gently pat your skin dry. Now i have already done that step so that i can immediately move on to the application of the vitamin c zero now what may change depending also on the vitamin c serum you have at home is also the texture and that’s also. Why i have examples right here such as the ordinary vitamin c has a little bit more of an oily like texture. Where using one two three drops is totally enough otherwise it can be too much.

Well like the la roche poster vitamin c zoom has a lotion-like feeling and it’salso a bit thicker in texture where one or two drops is already enough or like one such as the one from paula’s choice. Which has a very thin and weather-like texture where using two to four drops is already enough. Generally speaking do not use too much please do not use half a dropper or an entire drop of your vitamin c serum on face that’s like way too much. You don’t need a lot that’s really important it does not matter what brand of vitamin c youare using what’s important is that if you have already an understanding of what type of texture you are dealing with.

This can already help you to understand well if it’s thinner has a water like texture i may need to use one or two drops more.  If it’s a little bit more lotion like oily feeling like i may need less so that’s how you can determine how much you also need to use. But the actual application on how you can apply it on your face is the same does not matter the texture and so i’m going to use the polish choice vitamin c booster. Which has that very thin water like texture and it also depends if you only want to use it on your face and also include your neck and backlatash with it. Then you may just want to use one or two drops more and that’s also fine now with the vitamin c booster from powerless choice you either can go ahead. If it has a dropper and immediately also apply it to your face because sometimes you may feel like that the product is going to be absorbed too quickly in the palm of your hand. So applying it immediately to your face can already help and then blend it into the skin well. One way that i personally prefer to do is also use the drops immediately in the palm of my hands so that it have an even application. I’m going to use four drops of it and you just saw that this is not like a lot and you didn’t even see much of a change in the pipette itself.

So using four drops for such a thin texture is also advisable because you don’t need a lot to also use it all over your face and neck and so the way that you’re going to apply. It is gently also blend it all over your face and neck and just give it a moment. So that you also can feel that it also sinks into the skin and that’s already basically the main application on how you can also apply your vitamin c serum on face. Now when using it in the morning it is also advisable to always protect your skin with a good sunscreen. When being exposed to the sun if you are like all day long at home you may not need a sunscreen but really when being exposed to the sun. Please protect your skin with a good sunscreen that’s really important depending also on your needs as well as also what sunscreen. You have at home you can also go ahead and add your moisturizer on top of your vitamin c serum and then protect your skin with your sunscreen or you may also have already the twin.

One at home where you have a moisturizer with sunscreen in it that’s totally fine one way or the other. Please don’t forget to protect your skin and then for your evening skincare routine. You can immediately stop right here just apply the serum on top and that’s basically it or if you should feel the need. You can also go ahead and use your moisturizer on top that’s totally fine as well see what works. The best see what your skin also likes the most and that’s how simple. You can keep it wash your face apply your vitamin c zone and then maybe your moisturizer and then sunscreen during the day. That’s like one way on how simple you can keep the routine. If you’re looking more into an advanced skincare routine when including your vitamin c phaser into your skincare routine. You’re going to get started with step number one washing your face with your cleanser.

Then you can move on to your second step which would be applying your toner then if you like to. If your skin should feel the need, if you can also tolerate it as your third step. You can also go ahead and use one of the levon exfoliating acids. Be careful if you have sensitive skin i recommend skipping the exfoliating acids with vitamin c because this can also lead to stinging or burning. But if this shouldn’t be the case you have quite resistant skin. You can include your third step the leave on exfoliating acid as well into your advanced skincare routine and then use your vitamin c serum on face top and again. Either finish it off or with your moisturizer and then sunscreen or skip the moisturizer and only protect the skin with your sunscreen and in the evening there’s no need for your sunscreen. So this is how simple you can keep the routine the way you’re going to apply your season to your face. It’s going to be the same be gentle with your skin, you don’t need to use a lot of product and that’s really the key to also use your vitamin c facial and this is also. What i wanted to share with you the different steps how much you need to use depending also on the texture but all in all that’s basically how simple you can keep it i do also hope that you enjoyed this article.

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