Best Review of Vitamin C Brightening Serum

I’m going to be doing a review on this balanced vitamin c brightening serum hope you guys can see that. So i’ve been using the serum for about i think three to four months, now I initially started off using the hyaluronic acid serum which is really good. I also saw they had a vitamin c serum so i thought i’d give it a try, so let’s see what balance have said themselves regarding the serum.  So they have said balance vitamin c brightening serum contains two forms of active vitamin c to produce a brighter and more even skin tone.  The helium 7 will leave your skin looking radiant and smooth the light and greasy serum will bring out the natural glow of your skin without leaving your face, feeling oily and sticky.

Now i do agree it is it’s not really it’s not as thick as is hyaluronic acid serum and for me personally.  I find it to be a bit too runny a weird example but you know when you get hand sanitizers and there’s some that are fake and there’s some that are really just one.  You’re like what the hell this sort of gives me those vibes so from the time i’ve been using it. I would still recommend it, i would still say review of vitamin c serum good it is also very cost effective.  It’s only i think i’ve got for about four pounds or three pounds a lot of their products are really cheap. If you sort of on a skincare budget so it is really good but overall if i would compare it to the oily hemison. Because that’s the other serum i use which is also like a vitamin, i would say the only real difference is this is its consistency is a bit cheaper and I feel like in terms of a turnaround for results.

I feel like the only havocson is a bit quicker in terms of you seeing the difference but the olympics is 48 pounds.  So you would expect you know a quicker turnaround for product which is that expensive but overall i would still recommend it.  I do like it just that full it’s a bit it’s a bit too runny for me in terms of the consistency.  So you’re likely to use more if that makes sense um but we’ll get into it so i’m gonna literally wash my face.  I’m gonna come back and use it and ash i’ll be back so i’m back I literally just had my shower and washed my face.  I’ve already cleaned my face with the ordinary glycolic toning solution so about to use the serum. Now so here it is again hope you guys can see that so like i said in terms of the consistency i find it to be a bit runny if i’m honest but maybe it’s just me.  I don’t think it is but you guys can see it it’s just so like it’s not watery.  I’m not sure if you guys can see that but it’s quite watery so you have to use more that makes sense but i’m gonna put on my face and see how it looks.

Some people put the serum directly onto the face and some people pull it on their hands.  I don’t think it is a right or wrong way it just depends on your preference really but i like to pull it on my hands because it’s easier.  If i’m honest so good let’s just wait for it to dry so dried.  Now you guys can see that so yeah overall it is a good serum it is very good for his money’s worth is only about three or four pounds.  I think you can also get it in the savings if you’re new uk and i think if you’re in america or somewhere you can get in house of beauty.  It is very cost effective um i would definitely recommend it just the consistency for me is a bit weird but it’s still good in terms of you seeing results.  I think i started seeing results in about my sixth or seventh week. It’s a bit hard to really track it if i’m honest because i use this i used the the balance hyaluronic acid and i also used oily hemorrhaging’s true serum.  So it’s quite hard it’s quite hard to balance all of them out to see you know to actually measure if this is actually giving me the results um but overall i would give this a 8 out of 10.

it’s very good for his money’s worth it does work may take a little bit longer than you expect the consistency is a bit watery that’s the only reason why i’m giving it marks down but yeah i definitely think you should try review of vitamin c serum. I normally use it in the morning use it in the night depending on whichever  one is better for you.


Authorsurya ramadhan

I'm a professional health advisor who works half time to educate my friends & subscribers about vitamin c serum & more.