Be Aware with vitamin C Serum Side Effect

We all know that Vitamin C has a big role for our health for its benefits, especially for the skin health. That could be seen from how many skincare products use Vitamin C as their main ingredients. It is true because Vitamin C is very helpful on fighting some skin issues such as acnes, scars, dullness and other problems yet precaution of vitamin C serum side effect is better than cure.

Generally, Vitamin C contains LAA or L-Ascorbic Acid which increases the production of collagen, reduce the sun-damage effect on the skin and involved in inflammation. In most of serum products usually consist of 10-20% Vitamin C concentration. It is better to start with lower dose of vitamin C serum for the beginners so that the skin gets adjusted to the serum.

Some Side Effects of vitamin C serum

Everyone agrees that Vitamin C is a super helpful substance that could turn into a hero on healing the skin problems. However, there are some vitamin C serum side effects that might appear to its use. Here are some possible side effects everyone should prepare for once you start using Vitamin C serum.

  1. Breakouts

Many beginners who are using vitamin C serum, usually will experience breakouts. That would lead them on a question if the serum is really working on them or not. The answer is, it depends on the individual.

Breakouts side effect on using vitamin C serum is actually normal due to the ingredients in Vitamin C such as Ferulic Acid. Ferulic Acid works to make sure that Vitamin C is stable for a longer period and it might cause problems for sensitive skin and acne prone.

To avoid this side effect, make sure to read the ingredients list carefully. Reading some reviews from the previous user might be beneficial as well. And the most important thing is you need to use it slowly.

  1. Irritation

Irritation becomes another most common side effect of using vitamin C serum, especially for sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, it is better to choose Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate as the base instead of L-Ascorbic Acid. MAP is much gentler for sensitive skin so that irritation could be prevent.

The irritation which appears while using vitamin C serum is caused by many reasons. If you want to keep using Vitamin C despite of this side effect, that would be the best if you use it in a small dosage. Start using once in 2-3 days might be really helpful.

  1. Sun Damage

It is true that vitamin C serum works as a skin protector from harmful UV lights. But do you know that it can cause sun damage as well? Sounds contradictory, right?

vitamin C serum could lead sun damage for skin, only if you forget to use sun protection in a daytime. It is completely a must to use sun protection while using vitamin C serum. There is no reason for forgetting to use sun protection, at least SPF 50, or the only thing you get will be vitamin C serum side effect, sun damage, on your skin.

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