Reason Why Online Shopping so Popular During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased people’s purchasing power, especially in online shopping. even some studies show an increase in people’s purchasing power which has gone up drastically. Even online stores can reap profits that are many times over.

During the pandemic, residents are prohibited from leaving their homes except for shopping for household needs. Shopping centers are also short of stock because the company’s production declines. Farmers also began to experience losses because vegetables and fruit turned rotten because they were not sold.

This is why many online shopping platforms have made this an opportunity to help merchants who are feeling the impact of the pandemic.

Online Shopping Easy and Fast Solution

Online shopping is certainly a quick and easy solution for anyone. Moreover, living in a city and the spread of covid is very high. So online shopping is a necessity.

Not only shopping for supplies and necessities, you can also buy various groceries through online shopping sites. not infrequently farmers began to get hope to sell and profit from their land.

Shopping online is the right thing to do during a pandemic because we don’t need to leave the house and reduce physical contact with other people. then what causes people’s purchasing power in online shopping to increase drastically? Here are the reasons why online shopping is so popular:

  1. Easy and Fast

Online shopping is very easy and fast. All you need is a smartphone and the internet; you can search for any items you need. Even from items that used to only be found in supermarkets, now you can look for them in online stores.

For sellers, online stores are the solution to the current pandemic problem. because they don’t have to leave the house to work. Moreover, there is a regional lock down prohibition that causes them to be unable to work.

This is what makes traders switch to using online stores to sell their wares. This also gives them many advantages. Of course there is a difference when they trade in the market and sell online.

These traders have to adapt, starting from adjusting stock, packaging to finding the best shipping service so that the goods purchased by consumers can arrive quickly. Therefore, many traders are now starting to promote through social media and develop their online store business.

  1. Easy Payment System

Shopping online of course also requires a payment system. If you shop directly, we need to have cash to pay. But with online shopping we can pay with digital money or mobile banking.

This transaction is very easy and fast, especially if you have a credit card that can be used anytime and anywhere. You also don’t need to go to an ATM to pay for transactions. You can top up your digital wallet balance to make transactions.

This payment system is expected to happen in the future, so that we no longer need to hold money in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

  1. Discounts and Promotions

Promo is the most profitable trick for sellers and buyers. When sellers issue large discount promotions, customers are also interested in buying their products.

Likewise with buyers, when there is a discount promo, they will immediately buy the product being sold. This is certainly a reciprocal for the seller and the buyer. In addition, the number of online shopping promos causes many people to prefer online shopping rather than shopping at supermarkets.

The promos you get also don’t need a big effort. In contrast to promos at malls, where consumers have to come directly to the mall and look for the desired item. It takes effort and energy to get the promo.

With online shopping promos, we don’t need to be tired to get it. Just sit back and shop online.

  1. Avoiding Fake Online Shops

Online shopping also has risks, namely fake online shops. By shopping at the marketplace, we don’t have to worry about fake online shops. Because all of our transactions are still under company supervision.

Likewise, fake traders, they cannot get money if the transaction with the buyer has not been completed. Of course, this makes it easier for consumers to find out which is the best and most trusted online store.