A Boutique Mobile Entertainment & Special Events Company in San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use? For a wedding, if you need a sound system for the ceremony, can you provide this as well? 

We always set-up for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, this way there's absolutely no blank during the different events.

What will you wear? 

We are always dressed professional. 

How is the music selected? Do you have a wide variety of songs available? Can I have a list of songs I do not want played?

We have a library of over 40,000 songs.

All our customers have a free access to use DJ Intelligence, this way you can select all the songs that you want for your special event in 3 different categories: MUST PLAY, PLAY IF POSSIBLE, DO NOT PLAY.

You can connect 24/7 through our website and select all the songs that you want. We receive the updates.

We customize every event upon the tastes of our customers. 

How do you handle the events of the evening? (It's important to know how the transitions from one activity to another will occur.)

We work with timelines for each events, to make sure that each event is run very smoothly.

We are proud to be extremely prepared before each event.

How often will you need to take a break? Will music be playing during these breaks?

We are 2 at each event, so there's always a person to control the music.

Some DJ companies have more than one DJ. Which DJ will be at my wedding?

At Glasz Productions we are a husband/ wife team and are always the ones that you booked.

Will you play music as the guests are arriving and during cocktail hour and meal?

We play music from the beginning till the end of each event.

Do you provide a wireless microphone to use for speeches?

We always have a wireless microphone and a cord microphone.

Do you have liability insurance?

We are fully insured for each event and part of the American Disc Jockey Association.

How early will you be there to set up?

We always arrive 2 hours before the event to set-up.

Do you have references we may contact? 

You can email or call us for serious references from our past clients anytime.

Do you drink alcohol at events?

Our policy is that we don't drink AT ALL on the job. We are there to do a top professional job for the client.